Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 4.5mm .177 Pellet Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: Pellet percussion cap parlor pistol.
Manufacturer: Davide Pedersoli.
Model: Derringer Guardian #11.
Materials: Mostly steel.
Weight: .34 pounds (155 grams)
Barrel: 3 1/8 inch steel rifled.
Propulsion: #11 percussion caps.
Action: Single shot, single action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's / .177 Caliber Pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 1 round.
FPS: Under 500.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 is pretty light and short since it is a true single action only pistol, the majority of the pull comes from the pre-cocking of the hammer, there is next to no take-up or creep and I would say around a 2-3 pound trigger pull.

Accuracy: This part of the review is yet to be determined, I don't expect anything special here since there is no rear sight, I am guessing I will need to practice a bit with the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian to figure out how to sight it in using the rear chamber area as a sight bridge. Once I can figure it out I should get decent shot placement since the barrel is rifled. At this point I have no real idea what kind of fps to expect since I have not been able to acquire any #11 percussion caps, but I am guessing it will be just under 500 fps to stay Canada legal as an unregulated or uncontolled firearm. UPDATED FIELD TEST SHOOTING RESULTS HERE.

Build Quality: The build quality in the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 is what you would expect from a true firearm, all the metal parts are actual steel, not zinc like you would find in most airguns. The only exception is the grips which are plastic. The fit and finish is very nice with gun bluing on the steel parts and very good quality control and fit throughout. The only improvement would have been actual wooden grips since the rest of the gun is so well made and finished.

Realism: The Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 is a Parlor Pistol designed for "indoor" shooting. (These guns were first developed in 1845 when French inventor, Louis Nicolas Flobert, modified a percussion cap to hold a small lead bullet) So in other words it is a real gun, not so much a replica. The #11 Pedersoli Derringer Guardian version is designed to shoot within our Canada Uncontrolled Firearms limitations so this pellet pistol can be sold within Canada to an adult without the requirement of a PAL Firearms license.
Reviewed by: Replica Airguns.


  • Almost all steel construction.
  • Rifled barrel.
  • Very light single action trigger.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Low cost to shoot using standard .177 lead pellets and #11 percussion caps.
  • Legal in Canada without a PAL Firearms License.
  • Smallest pellet pistol I know of!


  • No rear sight, will take some practice to get used to.
  • Plastic grips.
  • #11 percussion caps are a bit hard to find in stock at times.

When I came across the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 I just had to have one! Heck, it's a pellet gun, and It's kind of a blank gun or cap gun all in one, it's also one of the smallest pellet guns I have ever seen. Like most of the other pellet pistols I own, it does not require a PAL or Firearms license here in Canada and can be shot in a lot more places than a "real gun" or Controlled Firearm can because of the low energy levels it produces and of course lower volume of sound it emits. I suppose it could even be shot indoors if you had the right setup in your house or garage. Definitely one of my most unique pellet pistols I own.

My YouTube Video Review for the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 .177 Caliber Pellet Pistol:

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