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We carry starter pistols, blank revolvers, magazines and ammo by top brands like Zoraki and ROHM. You’ll also find quality gun accessories, like holsters and adapters, to complete your kit.

Blank guns produce a realistic flame and “bang”, which makes them convincing props for theatre and military re-enactment. Law enforcement agencies use blanks to simulate gunshots during tactical training for officers and dogs.

To demonstrate the power of a real gun without the danger of real bullets, a blank gun is your best choice.

Buy blank guns in the US

Are blank guns legal to own in the United States?

Every state and city has different laws regarding the sale and possession of blank guns. You should familiarize yourself with the laws that apply to you and abide by them.

Are blank guns safe?

Blank guns are dangerous tools that should be handled with caution. Blank ammo uses gunpowder to produce a small explosion. At close range, the hot gas and projectiles from this explosion can cause permanent injury or death.

Shipping to Canada

Our Canadian site caters to our Canadian customers. It includes guns and accessories that are legal to buy and own in that country. We do not ship blank guns from our American site to Canada.

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