Terms & Conditions

Airguns and Blank Guns can be dangerous when misused! As a condition of the use of any products provided by ReplicaAirguns.com, you the customer, end-user, or owner of any Airgun or Blank Gun or related Accessory purchased from ReplicaAriguns.com, assumes all liability and responsibility for all risk of personal injury, death, property loss or damage resulting from any cause whatsoever.

ALL ReplicaAirguns.com patrons assume ALL responsibility for their actions and the actions of anyone using Airguns, Blank guns and related Accessories purchase from ReplicaAirguns.com (with or without the owners permission).

We ship from Canada and the US depending on where you are locatedSo if you are shopping in our Canada based store we ship from Canada and if you are shopping in our US based store we ship from the US so no boarders need to be crossed. All shipping costs will be incurred by the purchaser of the Airgun, Blank Gun and related Accessories. It is also the Patrons responsibility to understand all importation and customs laws for their geographical area pertaining to Airguns, Blank Guns, and Recreational Equipment provided by RepliacAirguns.com. Any confiscated or seized items are not the responsibility of ReplicaAirguns.com and will not be reimbursed by ReplicaAirguns.com. If need be, contact your customs agency to get the required import permits for the items you order.

ReplicaAirguns.com reserves the right to use what ever shipping provider is deemed the most appropriate and can not make any promises when special shipping requests are made by the purchaser.

Once ReplicaAirguns.com has released the purchased item/s into the hands of the shipping company, ReplicaAirguns.com is no longer responsible for those items. If there is a complication in delivery this is not the responsibility of ReplicaAirguns.com to correct and/or offer any reimbursements for purchased items that are lost or damaged during shipping.

ReplicaAirguns.com will work with the purchaser and the shipping company to pursue all avenues to retrieve any items lost or damaged during shipping and/or collect any insurance related funds on behalf of the purchaser.

Proof of age:
To purchase some items from ReplicaAirguns.com, proof of legal age may be required. ReplciaAirguns.com will take reasonable measures to obtain this information but is not responsible or liable for items being sold to underage customers fraudulently falsifying their age.
*You must be 18 years of age to purchase in Canada and the US. 

All Payments are made in the currency of the store you are shopping in. So if you are shopping in our Canada based store you are paying in Canadian funds and if you are shopping in our US based store you are paying in US dollars. We have the right to change our pricing (up or down) at any time to account for supply or demand adjustments. Any purchases already "paid for", even if they are still in the shipping process, will not be adjusted. This policy is for the protection of Replica Airguns and our valued Customers.

All Sales are Final - No Returns or Exchanges. If you encounter a Manufacturer Defect with a purchased item within 30 days of purchase, we will have it fixed or replaced for you. (Return shipping covered by the customer) Tampering with a product will Automatically Void  the Warrantee! If an exception is made to allow an item to be returned or exchanged, it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Also make sure to review the US Shipping Restrictions by Location

Pre-sale & Pre-order items:
All pre-sale and pre-order items sales are final, in the event that a pre-sale and pre-order item is delayed beyond our initial expected time frame, or can not be delivered to you, the full proceeds of your order can be substituted for another item available in the Replica Airguns Store. If an exception is made to allow a refund, it will be subject to a 10% reversal fee to allow for Transaction and Accounting fees.

Also read our FAQ for additional information.