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I wanted to bring a few more EKOL guns to the Replica Airguns Store. I have done reviews on guns like the Jackal Dual, the Volga and the Dicle but to date I have not had them available for purchase. I'm happy to say I will have them starting April 1st along with my latest blank shooter from EKOL, the EKOL Aras in both the Magnum and Compact versions.

Since I didn't have the EKOL Aras, I wanted to have one in my hands before offering it on the Replica Airguns Store. I have to say it is very nice. I ordered mine in the Compact Gloss Black version and it looks even nicer then I was expecting. I was actually expecting the non-wrap-around grips as most of the pictures online show the gun that way. Another nice touch was the chrome barrel and ejection port opening. Needless to say I am very happy with my EKOL Aras and will be doing a shooting and table top review as always for it.

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on 2012-04-14 23:17 by Michael Kaye

Unfortunately at this time I am not able to provide the EKOL Aras, Volga & Dicle blank guns for sale on the Replica Airguns Store. Sometimes plans change and you just have to make the best of it! We still have lots other great EKOL Blank Guns in our Replica Airguns Store so make sure to check them all out! And there is always hope for the future...

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