Webley Alecto - Zoraki HP-01 .22 Caliber for Pests and Vermin Control


I want to say first off that I don't take any pleasure in killing animals, even the ones that invade my home and eat my crops, but unfortunately there are times when you have to do what you have to do and restore order.

I live on six acres of land and only really have a problem with two pests, and that would be Rats and Flying Rats, (otherwise known as Crows). The Rats get into my garbage and even into the house at times and chew and eat things that don't belong to them making a big mess. The Crows on the other hand eat the cherries and plums on my fruit trees and seem to take pleasure in killing the Blue Jays and Robbins that are trying to make a home on my farm.

I have purchased a dedicated .22 caliber Crosman Quest 800 pellet gun that is capable of 800 fps for the humane elimination of the Rats and Crows that are not welcome on my land. I use this Pellet Rifle most of the time to quickly and humanely dispose of the pests and vermin.

I recently purchased the Webley Alecto (Zoraki HP-01) in .22 Caliber and thought it would make a great compact pest control gun as it has good power and accuracy and is available in .22 caliber which puts more raw energy into the target. It is the time of year again when the young Crows that have not yet learned to stay away from my property start coming around and causing a nuisance, so I thought this would be as good a time as any to try out my Webley Alecto.

The target was a medium sized crow about 40 feet away. My Webley Alecto was sighted in and ready to go with 18 grain Beeman Crow Magnum hollow point pellets. I pumped it up to the max and took aim, the crow immediately went down and landed in my pool area. Unfortunately I winged him, I really mean it because his wing was obviously broken. I waited for him to settle down (there was nowhere for him to go in the fenced off area) and put one last round into him, again from at least 40 feet away. The second shot was a head shot and it was game over.

I was shooting a bit far out for open sights in this case but even so I put both shots into the Crow. Adding a low power Scope or even a Red Dot would make extended range shooting with the Webley Alecto a bit more precise. The Webley Alecto is definitely up for the job of taking care of the Pests and Vermin around your home or farm. My father is even going to pick up a Webley Alecto for his hunting trips to use as a grouse gun when he is out hunting larger game. The Webley Alecto is fully legal to carry in Canada (non-controlled firearm) and very compact.

Well hopefully I have not offended anyone? Just remember, this is a gun website and guns get used for many things, one of which is taking care of business - just as they where designed to do!

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