Webley Alecto PCP .22 cal. Air Gun Chrony Test

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I have been wanting to do a Chrony test for my Webley Alecto as I didn't have a chronograph at the time of my original review. Today was the day I got around to it and I am really happy with the results I got. Mine came with the pressure release valve adjusted fairly conservatively. I imagine this is a generic setting that is set the same for both the .177 caliber and .22 caliber versions based on the lighter .177 caliber having a faster muzzle velocity and hittiing the 495 fps with less pressure required.

In the case of a .22 caliber pellet and it having approximately double the weight, the pressure release valve may be adjusted a bit on the light side, but I was only guessing and I wanted to make sure I didn't have an air pistol shooting over 500fps as this would make it a restricted firearm here in Canada and although I have my restricted firearms license, I didn't want to have this particular pistol governed by the rules and regulations of a restricted firearm.

So lets get to my results. I was using crosman premium 14.3 grain pellets for this test, far from the heaviest .22 caliber pellets you can get. I also tested my Webley Alecto out with one, two , three and even four pumps. Keep in mind pumping the Webley Alecto four times is not recommended by the factory and could cause long term damage to your Alecto. I did it with mine because I will ultimately get asked what an extra pump will give you in terms of extra fps. 

  • One Pump: 270.9 fps
  • Two Pumps: 390.5 fps
  • Three Pumps: 449.8 fps
  • Four Pumps: 487 fps & 496.3 fps

So as you can see, I did not go over 500 fps even with four pumps which is exactly where I wanted this pistol to be around. If you do decide to do the pressure release valve mod on your Webley Alecto, I would recommend you also test yours out on a chronograph just in case your results are different then mine, and keep in mind modifying the Webley Alecto could void your warrantee. The last thing you want to be carrying around is an illegal firearm!

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