Tacamo T68 AK47 Paintball Rifle Review

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Type: Paintball air rifle.

Manufacturer: Tacamo (unbranded).

Model: T86 AK47.

Materials: Metal & wood build.

Weight: 8 pounds.

Barrel: 14 inches, non-rifled.

Propulsion: CO2 or compressed air.

Action: Semi auto blowback, single action only.

Ammunition Type: Paintball marker .68 caliber.

Ammunition Capacity: Dependent on hopper system used.

FPS: 350

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Tacamo T68 AK-47 is what you would expect from a blowback operated single action gun, easy and light with just a bit of creep to it. The action of the bolt gives the gun a nice little snap to it and with the extra CO2 needed to push out the large .68 caliber paintball markers you also get a little bit of recoil adding to the shooting enjoyment.

Accuracy: I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about accuracy with the Tacamo T68 Paintball gun as I don't really have any other references to base it on but I can say I was pretty impressed with how well it stayed on target considering most paintball ammo is not really uniform in shape which effects accuracy a lot. I was also expecting lower FPS performance closer to the 250-300 FPS range but I got nice consistent 350 FPS shots with the Tacamo T68 AK47.

Build Quality: Very nice, the  Tacamo T68 AK-47 is made of mostly metal and wood with many actual parts from a real AK 47 including the wood handle and stock, rear sight, safety, magazine and authentic strap. The Tacamo Paintball rifle has some weight to it also making the AK 47 replica feel solid and durable.

Realism: Again the Tacamo AK 47 replica is made of lots of real AK47 parts making this gun very realistic, you can't really get around the telltale Paintball marker top loading tube and CO2 hookups but other then that the Tacamo AK47 really looks like a an actual AK47, so if you want to play the bad guy you can definitely pull it off with this replica paintball rifle.

Available From: The Replica Airguns Store


  • Very believable AK 47 replica.
  • Lots of real AK-47 parts
  • Mostly metal and wood design.
  • Magazine can be used for storage of tools or extra paintballs
  • Adjustable sights
  • 3 models to choose from with different styled stocks.
  • Comes with genuine strap.
  • Fun to play the bad guy with this villainous rifle.


  • Semi auto only, no full auto - would have been nice!
  • May be a bit large and heavy compared to other more compact Paintball guns.
  • A few paintballs broke in my barrel when shooting, FPS pressure may have been set too high?


I really like my Tacamo T68 AK47 Paintball rifle, again I have virtually no experience with Paintball guns so my reasons for liking it are mostly based on the all metal and wood build and real AK 47 look of the Tacamo T68 AK47. That said I thought it performed pretty good overall getting decent accuracy and shooting well into the 300+ FPS. I may pull this one out once in a while even to shot some various targets just because it does have a more realistic recoil feel when shooting then my smaller caliber pellet and BB airguns.

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