ROHM RG-88 RG-59 Blank Guns & Umarex CP99 Pellet Pistol Update


As with most new items I pickup, I like to share them with everyone. I am checking into some more ROHM blank guns, an RG-59 and RG-88, the RG-59 is a lot like the ROHM RG-56 .22 caliber blank revolver I sell in the Canada Replica Airguns Store but in .380 caliber and the one I show off here is a 5 shot two-tone model. Other than that they use the same frame and mechanical parts throughout.

I also received a black/blued ROHM RG-88 which is kind of like a Walther PPK in design, it field strips the same, has a similar safety setup and even has a similar size and look to it although it is definitely not a replica of a Walther PPK. I am impressed with the overall quality of the ROHM blank guns, material used, fit and finish is very good.

Lastly, I acquired a pre-owned Umarex CP99 CO2 Pellet Pistol from a customer of mine. It is in pretty much in new condition and is one of the Umarex guns I was missing in my collection and have been looking to add. The Umarex CP99 is a pretty good replica of the Walther P99 and uses the standard Umarex metal 8 shot rotary magazines and shares the same CO2 grip fed magazine as the CPSport. The CP99 is German made so it's not one of the lower cost Umarex pistols out there but you do get what you pay for ;)

ROHM Blank gun.jpg
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