ROHM Le Petit RG-56 and Little Joe 6mm - 22 Caliber Blank Revolver Review


Type: Blank revolvers.


Model:Le Petit RG 56 & Little Joe.

Materials: Mostly metal with plastic grips.

Weight: 472/134 grams.

Barrel: Front firing.

Propulsion: Gun powder.

Action: Revolver, single & double action/Single action only

Ammunition Type: .22 caliber crimped blanks (6mm Flobert).

Ammunition Capacity: 7/5 rounds.


Trigger Pull: The trigger pull for both ROHM Le Petit and Little Joe blank revolvers in single action is nice and light. The action for both blank revolvers is very solid so cocking both guns requires a firm grip, the ROHM Le Petit also allows for double action shots and while it takes some force, the mechanics are very smooth and you can really feel the German quality in the hammer and trigger.

Accuracy: NA.

Build Quality: Even though both revolvers are made as blank/signal guns and do utilize scaled down metals (not high pressure gun steel), they are made very well and many of the internal mechanical parts, pins and screws are solid steel. The fit and finish is excellent and both guns worked flawlessly for me in my testing.

Realism: Both ROHM blank Revolvers are derivatives of similar real guns (Freedom Arms and RG 22) but again have been made from the ground up to be blank guns and can not be converted in any way shape or form to fire live ammo. The quality and feel is very believable, they also both fire out the front of the barrels and can shoot 15mm flares with the required flare adaptors attached.

Available in the: Replica Airguns Store


  • Sold metal construction.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Shoot lesser expensive .22 caliber crimped blanks.
  • Can also shoot 15mm flares with appropriate flare adaptor attached.
  • Come in gift box with cleaning rod and manuals (Le Petit RG-56 also comes with flare adaptor)


  • Real wood grips would have been a nice touch but could be added later.
  • Little Joe does not come with a flare adaptor.


We now have some blank guns that seem to be somewhat available in Canada... At least for now! And even though some of the other blank guns I was selling may have been more to the liking of the folks that where looking for a semi auto styled blank gun, the good news is both of these guns are very high quality and revolvers in general are very dependable. I also like the fact that both of the ROHM Blank Revolvers are fairly compact and so if you want to take them with you out on a hike or in the back country, they will not take up much room or add too much weight, but are still ready if required to scare off something bigger or more dangerous than you!

Rohm RG-56 .22.jpg
Rohm Little Joe.jpg
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