Umarex Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Review

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Make sure to watch my Table Top Review for this pistol for if you have not already done so. In this Field Test Shooting portion of my review for the Umarex Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle CO2 BB Pistol, I shoot 5 rounds through my Chronograph to find out if the claimed 410-420 fps is accurate or not. I also setup a paper target at my standard 30 foot range and shoot 10 rounds using a semi rested position (Standing in the back while resting the gun on a sand bag up front). I did not add any additional sight options to the rails on the Umarex Baby Desert Eagle but rather stuck with the open sights for this field test.

In terms of performance, the Umarex Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle CO2 BB Pistol did pretty good for a really low cost BB gun with a rather long heavy unpredictable double action trigger. I was a bit surprised when I walked up to review the target to find just over a 2 inch group since while shooting it felt like I was pulling a many of the shots. The open sights are not adjustable in any way but I did shoot down the middle pretty well, but on the high side of the target. I would need to aim low to get this gun to shoot in the bulls-eye form 30 feet away. Either that or add some sort of sight to the top mounted picatinny rail.

My fps Chrony testing for the Umarex Baby Desert Eagle backed the claimed 410-420 fps claims from Umarex, I actually shot a 5 shot average of 417 fps so right on the money here and you may be able to expect even a bit more on a warm summer days since my test was done at moderate fall temperatures.

All in all a decent shooter, good fps, efficient on CO2 and for a heavy DOA trigger I was even able to get a respectable grouping.

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