ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun Table Top Review

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Type: AEG Airsoft Gun.


Model:CZ Scorpion VZ61

Materials: Metal and plastic (polymer) construction.

Weight: 2.7 pounds (1220 grams).

Length: Open 20.6 inches (522mm) - Closed 10.6 inches (270mm).

Propulsion: AEG.

Action: Semi and full auto.

Ammunition Type: 6mm Airsoft BB's

Ammunition Capacity: 58 round magazine.

FPS: 360+.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun is what you would expect from your typical AEG Airsoft gun since it is basically an on off switch for the electric circuit, it's light and short. As with most AEG Airsoft guns there is a noticeable sight delay from the time you press the trigger till the gun actually fires a BB since the electric motor must first pull the spring plunger back and then release it to fire a round. Because the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun uses a fairly low voltage battery it is a bit more noticeable than with some other AEG Airsoft guns and I am not sure if there are higher output batteries for this style of battery setup.

Accuracy: At this point I have not yet tested the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun so I do not have any Chronograph fps velocity or paper target accuracy information to provide to you. I plan on performing my Field Test Shooting Review fairly soon so stay posted for that. I can say that since this is the Canada import version it should shoot a .20 gram plastics Airsoft BB at over 360 fps.

Build Quality: The ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun is a Chinese made Airsoft gun but I have to say it looks and feels really great. For sure as good as any Taiwanese airgun I have come across! The fit and finish both are excellent and there is a lots of metal in this gun including the main frame, folding stock, front and back sights, charging handle, barrel extension, magazine release, selector switch, pins, trigger and trigger guard.

Realism: The ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun is is true to scale, size and weight to that of the real steel CZ Scorpion VZ61 as far as I can tell without actually having a real CZ Scorpion VZ61 in my possession. Everything works in the same manor as the real CZ Scorpion VZ61, like the charging handle, magazine release, selector switch, adjustable rear sight and folding stock.

Can be purchased from: The Canada Replica Airguns Store


  • Lots of metal parts for a good overall realistic weight and feel.
  • Semi and full auto selectable.
  • Comes with battery and charger.
  • Comes with rail attachment for add on accessories
  • Folding metal stock.
  • Adjustable rear metal sight.
  • Working charging/cocking handle
  • Scorpion VZ61 Licensed.


  • No blowback so ejection port does not cycle while firing.
  • May be hard to locate extra batteries and magazines since it is not a common style Airsoft charging system.
  • Fold out stock is not that usable, kind of short and low.
  • Made in China?


I am really looking forward to performing my Field Test Shooting review for the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun and expect it to perform as good as it looks and feels. In terms of size, the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun is not much larger than most pistols yet packs a 58 round magazine and AEG reliability and consistency along with true 58 round mag-dump full auto capability. What an awesome sidearm to carry around as your backup gun or tight quarters weapon choice.

Watch my YouTube Table Top Review of the ASG CZ Scorpion VZ61 AEG 6mm Airsoft Gun:

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