2013 Blued Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol Table Top Review

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Type: BB air pistol.


Model: MP-654K.

Materials: Weapons grade steel slide, frame and most parts.

Weight: 1.7 pounds.

Barrel: 3.8 inches, metal-rifled.

Propulsion: CO2 x 1.

Action: Semi auto, double and single action.

Ammunition Type: Steel/Lead BB's 4.5mm.

Ammunition Capacity: 13 rounds.

FPS: 380.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the 2013 Blued Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol is good in single action mode (When cocked), when shooting in double action mode it is a bit heavy but it seems like over time the gun is working its self in a bit as the metal is hard and as with many Russian made guns, they need some break in period. The trigger springs are heavy so don't expect light trigger pulls.

Accuracy: The accuracy and true feet per second performance will be tested when I do my future Field Test Shooting review.

Build Quality: Excellent, the Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol is made side by side using the same machine sand same materials as the original Makarov PM (9x18) firearm that it is Replica of. There simply is not another airgun made to this quality level or that is as accurate a replica of it's real steel version.

Realism: You simply can not get any closer to how close this gun resembles the original Makarov PM (9x18). You can even field strip this gun exactly like the original. The only acceptation is when it come time to fire the BB gun version, The Baikal MP-654K is not designed to have blowback operation which is understandable as it would be impossible to fabricate this gun so close to the original and still give it blowback operation.


  • All Steel construction
  • Made side by side in the factory to the real steel version with same build quality and on same machines.
  • The closest BB gun to a real gun you can get in terms replicating the parts and being made out of the same materials as the real version.
  • Can filed strip like the real version.
  • New 2013 version has recessed barrel.
  • New 2013 version has the flush CO2 screw.
  • New 2013 version is the PM style with narrower handle and PM grips.
  • Can field strip like the real version.
  • Shoots in single and double action.
  • Safety works as a de-cocker.
  • Made in Russia!


  • Expensive compared to other airguns.
  • No blowback operation.
  • Only a 13 round magazine.
  • Gun requires some breaking time.


The new 2013 Blued Baikal MP-654K PM Styled BB Air pistol is one of those must have airguns if you are a collector, sure the price is a lot more than most airgun replicas out there but the 2013 Blued Baikal MP-654K is built like no other airgun. Rather than creating a replica gun around existing airgun parts, Baikal takes a different approach and reworks a real Makarov backwards so it is made to shoot steel BB's using CO2 rather than 9mm rounds. You could say it is a real Makarov but chambered to shoot steel BB's and use CO2. These guns are rarely available in Canada since they often get stuck in customs because they are so realistic. I was actually very surprised when we located a secure that had some that they where willing to give up!

My YouTube Video Review for the 2013 Blued Baikal Makarov MP-654K CO2 BB Pistol:

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