Umarex Morph 3X BB Gun Field Test Shooting Review

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I usually do my Table Top Video Review first but in this case I decided to pump out my Field Test Shooting video ahead of it. So if you're looking for more detailed specifications then just wait a bit till I get my Table Top Review out. What you really need to know about the Umarex Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun is that it's a CO2 4.5mm BB Gun with a 30 round internal magazine sporting multiple configurations as the stock, barrel and forward stock are all removable so it can be a pistol or a rifle and many variations in-between, even more than 3X of them.

The US version of the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun when installing the rifled barrel (Which is not rifled buy the way), will shoot faster than when the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun is in pistol version since the add on barrel adds a lot of additional barrel length to the airgun. The Canadian version which I am testing does come with the extension rifle barrel but it is only for show as the inside is missing the 4.5mm inner barrel. This is because our Canadian import laws for uncontrolled firearms would not allow the rifle version of the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun here in Canada as it would potentially shoot with too much fps (around 600 fps) and foot pounds of energy for our Canadian non regulated gun laws. As it stand the Canadian version of the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun has an fps rating of 480 fps in both pistol and rifle configurations.

All that aside how did the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun do during my testing? Awesome to be precise! It actually averaged a 5 shot Chronograph Velocity Test of 498 fps even in pistol configuration which is very impressive for a CO 2 BB gun. I also was able to get the majority of my 10 shots on a paper target positioned 30 feet away from me using a rested seated position within about 3/4 of an inch. I even played around a bit with holding the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun out in front like a pistol and tight to my shoulder using the rear stock.

It's kind of too bad we don't have the inner rifled version here in Canada as even at 600 fps we are just under 4.2 foot pound Canadian limit but trying to explain that this is still OK to our CBSA border guards is just a little too much for them to process :) Even without the inner barrel the Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun is a really great and super versitile airgun with lots of power and just as good accuracy!

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