KWA M226-LE and KJWorks KJ1060 Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistol Comparison Review

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Type: 6mm Plastic BB Airsoft Pistols.
Manufacturer: KWA & KJWorks
Model: KWA M226-LE - KJWorks KJ1060 (Sigt Sauer P226)
Materials: Metal slide & frame.
Weight: About 2.5 pounds.
Barrel: Metal non-rifled smooth bore.
Propulsion: Green Gas - 12 Gram CO2.
Action: Single and double action.
Ammunition Type: 6mm plastic Airsoft BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 24-25 rounds.
FPS: 350-400 fps

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on both the KWA M226-LE and KJWorks KJ1060 Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistols is very similar, they both shoot in single and double action and both actions are fairly light on the finger. I found the KWA M226-LE had a bit lighter double action trigger while the KJWorks KJ1060 seemed lighter when shooting in single action. This is all based on simply dry firing both guns to see who the triggers felt in both their single and double actions.

Accuracy: So far I have not shot either Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistol but plan to get to my Field Test Shooting Review very soon. I will be testing both Airsoft Guns out head to head to see how each performs against each other for power and accuracy.

Build Quality: The build quality for the KWA M226-LE and KJWorks KJ1060 Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistols is excellent. Both KWA and KJWorks make exception quality Airguns so which ever one you pick will be a good choice here. Both Airsoft Sig Sauer P226 Pistols are all metal full Blowback ultra realistic Airguns It may just come down to a few small differences. Overall I liked the fit and finish on the KWA M226-LE just a little bit more but it was very close.

Realism: In terms of realism it does not get any more realistic than this. You are going to find that the KWA M226-LE and KJWorks KJ1060 Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistols mimic a real Sig Sauer P226 very closely with working parts as you would find them in the real steel version. The only tell tale sign on the KWA M226-LE is the orange tip which by they ways was not what we ordered so in future versions they will not have orange tips. The KJWorks KJ1060 comes with a CO2 magazine which is a bit elongated from the pistol grip but there are shorter Green Gas magazines for this gun available.

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What I like about out each gun:

  • I like that both guns have full blowback operation, full size drop out magazines, easy to use white dot sights.

  • Working de-cockers and true to form single and double action triggers.

  • I like the finish on the KWA M226-LE, it’s smoother and has stamped in branding on the slide and frame.

  • I like the Grips on the KWA M226-LE, more ergonomic and comfortable.

  • Fit and overall quality feels just a little bit better on the KWA M226-LE.

  • I like the look of the flush green gas magazine on the KWA M226-LE.

  • I like the additional power the CO2 Magazine will give the KJWorks KJ1060.

  • I like that the KJWorks KJ1060 doe snot have an orange tip.

  • I like the the KJWorks KJ1060 comes with a speed loader.

What I dislike about each gun:

  • I don’t like that either gun doe snot have adjustable sights.

  • I don’t like the orange tip on the KWA M226-LE.

  • I don’t like the way the extended CO2 mag looks on the KJWorks KJ1060

No matter which of these two awesome Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistols you may choose, you are going to love it. I am a big Sig Sauer fan and so it makes sense for me to own something like this so I can shoot it any time I want without having to go to the actual gun range and spend a boat load of money firing off real 9mm ammo. You really do get a very realistic experience shooting these ultra realistic Airsoft Pistols. They are the same size and weight, all the controls work the same, the triggers have the same weigth and feel to them, the blowback action simulates the recoil. The only difference is the cost to shoot, less recoil feel obviously and the fact that most people can shoot them safely and quality in the privacy of their own back yards.

My YouTube Table Top  Comparison Review of the KWA M226-LE & KJWorks KJ1060 Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Pistols:

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