FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone Review

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You may be asking why a Airgun channel is doing a review of a hand-held microphone. Well part of making good video is also making sure you also record great sounding audio! It doesn't matter how Hi-Def the video is, if you can't hear what I'm saying because the audio is all muffled or drowned out by background sounds then you aren't getting much out of the video.

I have done some other audio product reviews before for similar reasons, I figure some of my viewers and followers may also be interested in making their videos sound better even if it's only a home video. When FiFine approached me a second time to review a product for them I quickly asked if I could review their FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone for those time when I do an interview styled video like at SHOT Show!

In this video review for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone I show you what comes in the box and also test out the audio quality while making the video. You will hear various samples of audio from three different recording sources in this video. I start the video out using my Sure Lapel mic while I'm showing you around the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone, then I briefly switch over to my camera audio and then I finish with the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone to see how it sounds.

Here are some of the key features and specification for the FiFine KO26 Wireless Hand-held Microphone:


  • Dynamic Mic with Cardioid pickup pattern. Uni-directional pattern & fine-tuned integrated circuit ensure optimal background noise rejection.

  • Frequency response 50-18KHz guarantees clarity of your vocals.

  • Metal construction.

  • USB 2.0 receiver with headphone jack serves as an external sound card for audio output and monitor.

  • Works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, (iOS and Android devices - Require adaptor).

  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency 565-584 MHz) gets longer range and more powerful signal than Bluetooth up to 80 feet away even with obstacles.

  • 20 selectable frequency channels ensures no problems with interference.

  • Easy-to-read LCD screen to indicate battery life and frequency channel.

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