Is a Red or Orange Tip on an Airgun a Good or Bad Idea

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The subject of Red/Orange tips on Airguns is often a bit controversial, the idea behind putting a Red or Orange tip on an Airgun is to distinguish an Airsoft gun from a “Real Gun”. Is this really a good idea? Do we really want to encourage people from treating an Airgun as if it was not real? Does the Orang/Red tip give people the wrong idea that an Airgun can be used with less responsibility than a real gun and if so what are the consequences.

In my “Is a Red or Orange Tip on an Airgun a Good or Bad Idea” YouTube Video I dress two main issues I have with putting Red or Orange Tips on Airguns and in this case I am talking mainly from the perspective of a person living in North America where we often see Red/Orange tips on Airsoft guns that come from the US. In Canada our legally imported Airsoft guns do not require Red or Orange tips since they are actually considered unregulated firearms as an Airsoft gun has been determined to be able to cause serious injury.

Main Point Number 1:
Does adding a Red or Orange tip give the false impression that an Airgun is a toy and can be treated just like a toy? Would you give an Airgun to a child unsupervised? Can an Airgun cause a serious injury or even death, and if so why is an Airgun potentially less dangerous than a “Real Gun”?

Main Point Number 2:
Does the additional a Red/Orange Tip on and Airgun make it harder for law enforcement to make a decision when they are forced to act on someone that appears to have a gun and is using it in a dangerous way? What do they do when a person is brandishing what looks to be a firearm but it appears to have a Red or Orange Tip on it? What if someone simply painted the tip Red or Orange to throw people off and make them second guess themselves allowing the perpetrator critical time to get the first and most critical shots off?

I am not trying to stir up any pots here but simply bringing up concerns I have with adding Red or Orange Tips to Airguns. Maybe the powers that be need to reconsider if a Red or Orange Tip on an Airgun is a good or bad idea?

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