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Type: Blank Gun.
Manufacturer: Zoraki - Atak Arms.
Model: Zoraki MOD 925.
Materials: Metal, Polymere shell.
Weight: 1.8 pounds.
Barrel: Semi plugged - front firing.
Propulsion: Gun powder.
Action: Single action.
Ammunition Type: 9mm P.A.K.
Ammunition Capacity: 16/26 rounds (magazine dependent).
Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is short and smooth, typical of a semi auto action.
Accuracy: NA.
Build Quality: The overall build quality of this gun is excellent. The design and materials all seem to be of good quality. I was actually not expecting this gun to be as well built and finished as it was. Inside it has a metal frame based on the MOD 914 Zaraki with an exo-shell made of a polymer type material. It also comes in a very nice hard shell case with cut outs for everything included. (The Zoraki MOD 925 blank gun, 16 round and 26 round extended magazine, cleaning rod, oil bottle, alternate barrel tip, barrel changing tool, and flare adaptor)
Realism: This gun is not supposed to be a replica of any gun in production but it does look a bit like a mini sub machine pistol. The Zoraki 925 looks and feels like a real gun, so make sure to take precautions when using this blank mini machine gun!
Purchased From: CanadaAmmo.com.


  • In Canada it is one of the few blank guns available for purchase that is not prohibited.
  • Excellent construction, all metal internal frame with high quality external polymer shell.
  • Well priced for what you get even at the newer higher pricing.
  • Magazines interchangeable with the Zoraki MOD 914.
  • Come with a very nice hard shell case and accessory package.


  • Not as readily available in Canada, the US and other areas..
  • 9mm P.A.K. Blank ammo is expensive.

The Zoraki MOD 925 is a sweet full auto machine pistol and if you can find one is a great addition to anyone blank gun collection. When compared to other full auto blank firing machine guns or pistols (Voltran Ekol UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun / Voltran Jackal air pistol) it is well priced but does not sacrifice in quality!

My table top YouTube Video Review for the Zoraki MOD 925 Blank Gun:


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