Umarex Magnum Research Desert Eagle Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol Chronograph FPS Test


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Yet another Chronograph video! I'm working my way through my air guns and starting with the ones that I have been asked about the most, and that I'm also the most interested in finding out what the true "real word" feet per second ratings are.

Todays Chrony Chronograph test was done on my Umarex Magnum Research Desert Eagle Blowback CO2 .177 caliber pellet pistol. The factory rating was stated as being a respectable 425 fps which is pretty good for a blowback pellet shooter. The Umarex Desert Eagle is a crisp and accurate shooter that likes to eat up CO2 cartridges, so the factory claims are believable!

I am happy to say that on a fresh CO2 cartridge, in not too warm spring Vancouver weather, I not only hit the 425 claimed fps, but exceeded it with a few shots.

Watch my YouTube video of the Umarex Magnum Research Desert Eagle full Chronograph test:

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