Webley Tempest Ultimate Back Packer Pellet Pistol Review

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A classic air pistol with its roots going as far back as the 1920's, the Webley Tempest still holds its own with todays modern sprig piston air pistols. And perhaps in one category (Back Pack Pistol) it may even outshine most of them!

Even though for the most part this website and YouTube channel are dedicated to replica style airguns, there are still many of us who plain and simple like all types of airguns and both appreciate and at times even need more of a single purpose target / hunting airgun for either pest control or taking with us while in the back country.

If you plan on spending some time in the wilderness and may even be required to fend for yourself in terms of food, you would, I am sure appreciate something like the Webley Tempest in your backpack. It will add an additional 2.1 pounds plus the weight of a tin of lead pellets but you never know, it could even save your life if you get lost or injured and need to camp out till help arrives.

The really great part about the Webley Tempest is that it is considered an uncontrolled firearm here in Canada because it just squeezes under our Canada limits in terms of fps and power so you can legally pack it around with you while out hiking, camping, backpacking or what have you. With that said I feel the Webley Tempest still has enough fps, foot pounds of energy and accuracy to wrangle up some small game at close range.

In this YouTube video I demonstrate the effectiveness of the Webley Tempest at taking down 6 "small game" sized targets at a distance of 30 feet or so shooting free hand. I also put a couple of rounds through the Chronograph using some RWS 11.9 grain lead pellets to show you that it has some decent power for such a small compact spring piston air pistol.

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