BB Guns Shooting at Longer Ranges


I often get asked about using a 4.5mm Steel BB gun for pest control and to be honest I really don't think a BB gun is the right tool even at close range to properly and humanly take care of pests when need be. A much better tool is a high powered pellet rifle in just about any caliber as long as you have taken the time to practice your shot placement at a variety of ranges.

Pellets on the other hand, since they are shot out of a rifled barrel are generally super accurate, even within an inch or so at long ranges. Steel BB's on the other hand will do OK within 20-30 feet but once they get to the farther out ranges, they tend to drift a lot, making it very hard to predict exactly where they are going to go...

So I thought I would back up my words with a real world test by taking an average mid priced BB rifle and taking aim at some clay pigeon targets setup about 100 feet away. Watch my YouTube video to see how my Umarex Steel Force did shooting in semi auto at 100+ feet out.

Umarex Steel Force Used for this Test:
  • 12 gram CO2 x2
  • 4.5mm Steel BB's
  • AR/M16 Replica
  • Semi auto & 6 Round Burst, Single Action Only
  • 300/30 Round Hopper/Magazine
  • 430+ FPS
  • Plastic with some Metal Construction

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