Webley Alecto HP-01 .22 cal. Air Pistol Shooting Test


The Webley Alecto (AKA: Zoraki HP-01) may not fit in exactly as a "Replica" Airgun, although it does resemble a bloated Dessert Eagle! But it is an Airgun worthy of spending some time reviewing an this is now my third YouTube Video review for the Webley Alecto. My first Video Review was a Table Top Review where I covered most of the Webley's basic operation. My second YouTube Video was a Chronograph Test to see what my Webley Alecto could do performance wise for FPS.

I really wanted to do a video of this gun just shooting because that's what it does best, put lead down range very accurately! So I setup three cameras to capture it all from just about every angle I could think of and I set up 30 feet away from my target and shot 5 rounds in a rested position using a Red Dot Scope. The results where not surprising - pretty close to a 1/2 inch grouping!

If you're looking for a compact, hard hitting, accurate target or small pest control Air gun then look no further, the Webley Alecto has the goods!

Watch the full Multi-angle YouTube Video of my Webley Alecto Shooting Test:

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